In the water, among animals or hanging from the trees: the most original birthday parties are held in the Maresme

Festes aniversari familiar Maresme

I love birthday parties! Getting everyone together to have a good time and blowing out the candles is one of my favorite activities. And also every anniversary is different! Because in the Maresme we have a lot of spaces to celebrate that we are going around the sun again, adapted to all tastes and seasons. Were you born in summer? Well, towards the water in a water park or to carry out nautical activities. Prefer to celebrate in nature? We have natural parks, activities with animals and even spaces to hang from the trees. But don't worry, there are also many rooms for traditional birthdays. Come with me, I'll tell you!







¡Now maybe I have made it even more difficult for you with so many options! Whatever you choose, I'm sure you'll be right. oh! And share your photos with me by adding @laiaiamaresme and the hashtag #laiaiadelmaresme! Happy Birthday!!!