The incredible granny's guide to the Maresme

Maresme’s granny and The incredible granny’s guide to the Maresme collect, in 10 routes, a handful of ideas to discover the Maresme region with kids. Go on a tour through the corners of the region with Maresme’s favourite granny, and her inseparable friend Picotet (a black woodpecker).

This is a guide meant to discover and play. You'll find information on tourist attractions in the Maresme as well as riddles, treasures and trivia that will keep younger explorers interested at all times.

To obtain the printed guide, you can contact the Consorci de Promoció Turística Costa del Maresme. The current guide is printed in Catalan-English. The Spanish-French version will also be available soon.

Guia de la iaia del Maresme