Do you know what Geocaching is?  It's all about going out to explore and find hidden treasures in the real world. I've hidden ten treasures around the Maresme region so you can learn more about sustainability. Are you ready to find all of Granny’s geocaches?

If you are passionate about adventures, don't miss the opportunity to play Geocaching in the Maresme. Treasures, spread throughout the region, are waiting to be discovered.

Geocaching or Geosearch is an outdoor game where you must find treasures in the real world with the help of GPS devices. To join the adventure you will have to download the free Geocaching application on your mobile device and you will receive the specific coordinates where each of the treasures is hidden. With the help of GPS you will have to find the specific place where the "treasure" is hidden and discover the geocache or container hidden by other players.

Taking advantage of the 10 routes proposed by Granny’s incredible guide to the Maresme discover the region as a family. A total of 10 treasures related to sustainability have been hidden in the area.


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Check out the list of treasures:

Note - To be able to chek out all the information on the hidden treasures you must be registered on the Geocaching platform.

How to play Geocaching?

  1. Downloath the free Geocaching app and register.
  2. Click here and choose which treasure you want to look for
  3. Follow the indicated coordinates and find the geocache with the hidden "treasure".
  4. Once you find the cache, follow these rules:
    • If something is taken from the container, something else of equal or greater value must be left in it.
    • Record the comments in the logbook.
    • Record the experience on the web.
    • Leave the container in the same place where it was found, being very careful not to be seen by people outside the game (geomuggles).

This recreational proposal, linked to both family tourism and sustainability, is an opportunity to discover the Maresme from a new perspective.

People who have already tried it say:

Little Wolves: Found! We have seen caches published lately by the Maresme and today we approached them, since we had not been there for a long time. The clue made us hesitate, since we did not understand how the two words could be connected. After a while we discovered it.
Thank you very much for hiding.

Patufetes team: Hello good "laiaiamaresme", the patufetes team found and signed the log book of your cache "M6. Basilica of Santa Maria" and we didn't have many problems to do it thanks to the good coordinates. Too much in sight. You should look for a less flashy place. Every time we go geocaching it's like a little adventure that helps us make our day to day a great odyssey. This is our 8768 found box. Thank you very much for hiding this fantastic treasure, keeping it so well, telling us this interesting story, taking us to this beautiful place and making us spend a very good time playing what we like best.