Explore the Maresme

Gamified routes in the Maresme

Discover Maresme’s cultural heritage through gamified routes. Four routes cover the whole region with puzzles and riddles to be solved in each location. Complete the routes and get the rewards!

Consorci de Promoció Turística Costa del Maresme has created the gamified routes to promote the cultural heritage of the Maresme region among families and young people. Through the web app http://app.turismemaresme.cat you can access the four routes that divide the region geographically from south to north, you only need a mobile device with internet connection and geolocation activated. The web app is available in four languages: Catalan, Spanish, English and French.

The granny of the Maresme, the character created by the Consorci to promote family tourism, will be guiding you in these routes. They are named after her feathered friends: in the north you’ll find the Puput (Eurasian hoopoe) route, in the south Maresme, the Picotet (black woodpecker) route, and in the central area Cames Llargues (black-winged stilt) route and Xatrac (sterna) route.

Each of these itineraries has between 13 and 15 challenges. In each location a riddle must be solved. It can be a puzzle, a question to be answered, a hidden item... also, each riddle includes additional information and trivia. The objective is to discover the region in a fun way, visiting its corners while playing.

Plus, completing a game has a reward! Discounts can be obtained at several tourist companies in the region, such as a 2x1 on a children's route on the back of a donkey at Rukimon, a 10% discount at the rural tourism Can Rosich or a 2x1 for a sailing trip with Caraalvent. These and other rewards and waiting for you at the end of each route.

The routes pass through different municipalities, which is why the game can be stopped and resumed once we are in a new location.

Before starting to discover the region, we recommend:


  • Carefully read the contents of the IMPORTANT INFORMATION and GAME MECHANICS sections.
  • Use Chrome as a browser.
  • You always have a map available to know where you are and see which stops are on your route. The icon is in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Be ready to get the rewards at the end of the game.

Gather family or friends,  make sure your mobile is fully charged and have fun!