The Casa Coll i Regàs with modernist vermouth

Come and discover the jewel of modernism in Mataró, a project by the Mataró architect Josep Puig i Cadafalch and end the visit with a modernist vermouth on the terrace.

The Casa Coll i Regàs project began in 1897 and was the year in which the first vermouth originated in Italy. The export brands of this drink make it a benchmark. In Catalonia at the beginning of the 20th century, it became a reason to socialize and have a light meal at noon before lunch, especially on Sundays after Mass. On this occasion, after the guided tour we will go to "make vermouth", a Catalan custom, also among the wealthy bourgeoisie, in a space as familiar as the terrace-garden of the House.


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The Casa Coll i Regàs with modernist vermouth 1
  • Sunday 11 June
  • Sunday 25 June

Casa Coll i Regàs

Carrer d'Argentona, 55, 08032

08301 Mataró

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